Allergy-Friendly Brand Safe + Fair Collab With Variety Fun On October Snack Box


This October, Variety Fun will be teaming up with Chicago-based food company Safe + Fair to feature their line of allergy-friendly, plant-based, clean snacks in both FUN and FIT snack boxes.

Remy’s Grahams in Chocolate, Honey, and Cinnamon, and Abby’s Cookies in Chocolate Chip and Shortbread, are just a few of the products you will find at the very top of your snack box this month.

As parents, we understand how difficult it can be to find nutritious and delicious food options for your family.

If you are a mom or dad to a kid with allergies, you know that this goes double for you as well. Finding healthy snacks for kids that are also big on flavor but safe for your family is one of the greatest struggles of being a food allergy-conscious parent.

That is why we are proud to be working with Safe + Fair: A company that is so committed to bringing you snacks that meet your family’s sensitive dietary needs that they have long-since taken steps to get their allergen protocols validated by a leading independent food allergy laboratory in the U.S.

As a result, Safe + Fair is trusted by more than 17,000 schools across the U.S.


How was Safe + Fair created?

Safe + Fair was born out of a need to make finding allergy and kid-friendly foods more convenient.

Founders Dave Leyrer and Pete Najarian each had their own experiences of managing food allergies for their kids Abby and Remy, who are both allergic to nuts.

Surprisingly enough, what each father discovered through their own research is that diligently examining food labels seemed to add to the confusion more often than not.

They did not always clearly state the ingredients contained within each product; leaving parents to play a guessing game that no family, especially those who have kids with food allergies, have the luxury to do.

What’s more, the brands that did cater to their kids’ allergies were too expensive for the average family.

This had to change.


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“Safe ingredients at fair prices”


Safe + Fair was built on 2 important tenets:

To create products that are -



With more than 5.6 million children (And 32 million Americans total) estimated to have food allergies in the United States), transparency of ingredients is of utmost importance for allergy management.

Safe + Fair’s packaging clearly and boldly states what’s “In” (Clean Label, Gluten Free, 9g Plant Based Protein Per Serving, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Cholesterol Free, etc) and “Out” (No Artificial Ingredients, No Preservatives, Not Fried, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No MSG, No Trans Fat, etc).

They also have an Ingredients list and a “Made in” section that lets you know if a product was made in a facility free from peanuts, tree nuts, egg, or other allergens, or made in a facility that manufacturers products containing milk, wheat, soy, etc.

But probably the most impressive aspect of the Safe + Fair brand is the extensive effort that has been put into allowing you to search by food type, allergy or diet on their website.

This makes it easier for families to be absolutely sure the products they’re interested in are safe for consumption for their own unique food allergy restrictions.


Did you know?

3% of proceeds are donated to the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University.



“Fair” is a reflection of the price.

Safe + Fair was designed to be a food company that is affordable for the average family.

Because ultimately, it is families who face the challenge of finding the right snacks at a price they can afford.

Since healthier snacks tend to be more expensive, Safe + Fair has always made it their aim to make their snacks more accessible to families everywhere.


Remy’s Graham Cinnamon


Variety Fun + Safe + Fair to Collab on Allergy-Friendly October Snack Box - Remy's Graham Cinnamon


Surprising us with a new twist on an old favorite, Remy’s Grahams Cinnamon is peanut free, tree nut free, non-GMO and packed with tons of wholesome flavor in its 1 oz package.

In addition, each bag contains only 15mg of sodium and 2g of protein.


Remy’s Graham Chocolate


Variety Fun + Safe + Fair to Collab on Allergy-Friendly October Snack Box - Remy's Chocolate Graham


Remy’s Grahams Chocolate is a nice change of pace to the classic graham cracker.

In addition to 3g of protein and 1mg of Iron (6% of the Daily Value). Each 28g (1oz) package is also made without any trans fats or “artificial stuff”. It’s also tree nut and peanut free.


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Remy’s Graham’s Honey


Variety Fun + Safe + Fair to Collab on Allergy-Friendly October Snack Box - Remy's Graham Honey


If your kid loves the classic taste of graham crackers, then look no further than Remy’s Graham’s Honey.

Every package contains 2g of protein, 1mg of Iron (6% of Daily Value) and 64mg of Potassium (2% of Daily Value).

The ingredients include whole wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, powdered sugar, molasses, honey, sunflower lecithin, leavening (sodium bicarbonate), salt, natural flavor, eggs and milk.

So while they were made in a peanut and tree nut free facility, it’s important to note that this product contains wheat, eggs and milk.


Abby’s Cookies Chocolate Chip


Variety Fun + Safe + Fair to Collab on Allergy-Friendly October Snack Box - Abby's Cookies Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most memorable staples of childhood. And every kid should be able to have some version of them...Which is why we love Abby’s Cookies in Chocolate Chip.

These mini bite-sized treats are also peanut, treenut free, made without trans fats and have 1mg of Iron, 58mg of potassium and 2g of protein.

Ingredients include whole wheat flour, chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, coy lecithin (non GMO), natural vanilla extract), shortening (palm oil, soybean oil, canola oil, Tocopherols (added as an antioxidant), brown sugar, sugar, egg whites, milk, leavening (baking soda), salt, and natural flavor.


Abby’s Cookies Shortbread


Variety Fun + Safe + Fair to Collab on Allergy-Friendly October Snack Box - Abby's Cookies Shortbread


Lastly, Abby’s Cookies in Shortbread will feature in our October snack box.

This smooth and buttery cookie is, like the other Safe + Fair products mentioned, was also created in a peanut and tree nut free facility. It’s also 100% whole made - made with 15g or more per serving.

In addition to 1g of protein and 1mg of Iron, the ingredients include: Wheat flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), shortening (palm oil), sugar, maltodectrin, natural flavor, vanilla, salt, egg, and milk.



Continuing with our mission of partnering with exceptional brands in order to bring you the value and convenience of a Variety Fun snack subscription, Safe + Fair represents our commitment to making allergy-friendly snacks more accessible to the average family.

We understand that clean eating is an important aspect of allergy management. However, we believe in finding alternatives to the snacks that most kids love that are just as appealing to their tastebuds.


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