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work life balance jobs

Work-life balance is a commonly used term that describes the balance that a person needs between the time that is allocated to work plus other life aspects.

Apart from work-life, the other aspects of life may include personal interests, leisure or social activities and family.

Recently, this term has been contradicting partly due to the recent advances and changes in technology that is enabling completion of work objectives and work within a period of twenty-four hours.

Use of email, video-chat and smartphones and other innovations in technology has enabled people to perform various tasks without adhering to the traditional workday that begins at 9 am and ends at 5 pm.

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The analysis of this study that was carried out by Glassdoor and involved sixty thousand employees discovered that the workers demonstrated a 3.2 average satisfaction in their work-life balance in 2018, which is a decrease compared to 3.4 that was reported in the year 2012, and the 3.5 that was reported in the year 2015.

This rating is based on the job score on a five-point scale, whereby 5.0 represents very satisfied, 3.0 means okay and 1.0 represents a very dissatisfied experience.

One reason for this decrease is the fact that the 9-5 day of work is becoming outdated. Another study from Ernst and Young Company discovered that workers in the United States reported that they work an additional time of about 2 to 4 hours per week and 36% work for extra 5 hours or even more.


The standard forty-hour work per week is almost improbable to most American citizens, who either work during weekends and late nights or work in more than one job so that they can make ends meet.

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According to the new study from Glassdoor, an employment site that is based on tabulation on its workers’ reviews, some jobs have high points in the balancing of life and work demands. The study demonstrated that currently, the average balance of work and life that was reported in all the jobs was 3.2 out of the maximum 5 rating points.

As we previously stated, the balances between work and life have been decreasing ever since the year 2009, where there was a 3.5 average rating.

Most jobs that are rated well in the balance between life and work are the demanding tech jobs, although the long hours do not necessarily relate to low happiness.

According to another study by Gallup that was carried out in 2014, the policies at particular workplaces that create an engaging work environment can assist in overcoming the long hours.

This study demonstrated that approximately half of the salaried employees in America work for over fifty hours per week.

It also demonstrated that the meaning of balance between work and life to a particular employee is dependent on the values of that individual, which could vary from the flexible hours up to the free passes in the gym.

The balance between work and life can have many different meanings to different individuals.

Some may understand it as the forty hours per week, a schedule of 9-5 or ignoring emails during the night while others may understand it as flexible schedules or generous vacation policies.




Additionally, most jobs pay salaries far above the typical income of an American household which is $56,516.

In the list of the best jobs that balance life and work, tech jobs are dominant, probably due to the fact that tech firms are providing more benefits and perks like extensive vacation time so as to entice the talent in demand.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the jobs that have high ratings in balancing work and life.


Corporate Recruiters


This is considered to be one of the best jobs in balancing work and life and has very high marks. This is simply due to the fact that corporate recruiters tend to have high flexibility in their working hours compared to the typical working day of 9-5.

They work on a very flexible schedule since their job includes developing contacts. Additionally, they can work from any place, provided they have a laptop, internet access and their smartphone at hand.

The Corporate Recruiter’s median salary is $65,000 and they reported a balance between life and work rating of 4.1.


UX Designer


The UX (User Experience) designers advance how tech or software products appeal to the users, such as whether there are complications or if the navigation of the product is logical when a user tries out the product.

UX simply refers to feeling and attitudes of an individual towards a certain product, system or even the service.

Some things that largely contribute to the site’s User Experience should be put into consideration when implementing this particular strategy.

The UX designer’s median salary is $95,000 due to flexible working hours plus leverage to negotiate their benefits. They reported a work-life balance rating of 4.1.


Data Scientist


The data scientist job is the highest paid compared to all the other jobs on this list. They are in high demand due to the fact that the huge data amount that is currently being generated from software, apps, and websites.

Firms employ data scientists so that they can interpret and analyze information for insights, opportunities, and trends. Due to this high demand for data scientists, they are very flexible to negotiate benefits and working hours.

Additionally, they have the flexibility of where and when to work and coming to the office only in the morning hours, and so on.

The data scientist’s median salary is $112,000 and they reported a balance between work and life rating of 4.0.



Strategy Manager


The Strategy Managers refer to the executives who assist their firms to set and determine goals and targets, ranging from financial goals to business strategies. It is also a very high paying job that is included in this list.

A Strategy Manager’s median salary is $110,487 and they reported a balance between life and work rating of 4.0.


UI Designer



The role of UI (User Interface) Designers is to design user-friendly tech or software products that ensure a smooth flow throughout the website, application or software.

The User Interface is designed to make sure the elements of the interface are accessible, easily understood and have the ability to facilitate those actions by focusing in anticipating or predicting what product users may require or need.

Various concepts like information architecture, visual design, and interaction design are combined by the UI.

In selecting to use the element of the interface, one should be aware that the users have already familiarized with ways in which these elements behave and should, therefore, aim at being consistent and predictable in making various layouts and choices.

This will instantly guarantee task completion, satisfaction, and efficiency.

The UI Designer’s median salary is $84,500 and they reported a balance between life and work rating of 4.0.


Recruiting Coordinator



The role of a Recruiting Coordinator is to help Human Resource professionals to be able to work with recruiters and job candidates by handling various tasks like coordinating and scheduling interviews.

The Recruiting Coordinator’s median salary is $48,000 and they reported a work-life balance rating of 4.0.


Technical Account Managers



A Technical Account Manager helps clients with the technical supports through bridging the technical and the sales sides of the business. The technical account manager’s median salary is $75,000 and they reported a balance between life and work rating of 4.0.


Mobile APP Developer



The role of a Mobile App Developer involves the development of applications for various mobile devices like smartphones. Currently, demand for app developers is high due to the fact that there is increased usage of mobile devices by consumers in almost everything ranging from shopping to banking.

A Mobile Developer’s median salary is $101,318 and they reported a balance between life and work rating of 4.0.




DevOps Engineer



DevOps is a combination of the terms operations and development and refers to a coder or a developer who is involved in various network operations/system administrators with the ability of coding.

The DevOps Engineers’ median salary is $110,000 and they reported a balance between life and work rating of 4.0.


Marketing Analyst



The role of a Market Analyst is to study the existing market conditions and analyze the potential sales of products or services.

They help organizations to understand the products that people are demanding, who will purchase those products and the price that consumers will be willing to pay for those products.

Various industries throughout the economy are employing market analysts.

A Marketing Analyst’s median salary is $65,000 and they reported a work-life balance rating of 3.9.


Scrum Master



Scrum Master refers to the facilitator of a team that is involved in agile development.

Scrum is basically the methodology that enables team members to organize themselves and quickly make any changes according to the agile principles which leave the Scrum Manager with the role of managing the process in which this information is exchanged.

A Scrum Master’s median salary is $89,428 and they reported a work-life balance rating of 3.9.


Substitute Teacher



Substitute Teachers are individuals who take the role of teaching a class in case the regular teacher becomes unavailable due to various reasons such as personal leave or illness.

A Substitute Teacher’s median salary is $25,178 and they reported a balance between life and work rating of 3.9.


Research engineer



The role of Research Engineers is to design new technological products. The various duties of a Research Engineer vary depending on the industry or engineering branch in which they are working.

A Research Engineer’s median salary is $103,029 and they reported a balance between life and work rating of 3.9.


Library Assistant



The role of a Library Assistant is to help the librarian in acquiring, preparing and organizing materials in a library. Additionally, they carry out other tasks necessary in the management of a library. They commonly work at computer terminals or desks inside the library.

A Library Assistant’s median salary is $28,929 and they reported a balance between life and work rating of 3.9.

From the list of jobs and their rates of balance between work and life, the majority are related to the technology industry. Most of these jobs are also in high demand. How do you manage your work and home life? Let us know in the comments.



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