(Actually) Fun Office Field Trips

By Emily Kelley | November 26, 2018 | Office Culture / Morale



Maybe it’s the end of a quarter, and everyone is itching to be out of the office. Or maybe you just want to get your team out of the office and interacting in a new, fun way.

Whatever your reason, check out these office field trips that are actually fun.




What better use of time is there than volunteering with your team?

Head out to a charity or non-profit that aligns with your company goals, and make a difference in your community.

If you get a chance, take some cool pictures to share in your company newsletter or on your social media pages.

Not sure where to start? Check out VolunteerMatch, a free service to match you with a nonprofit near you who needs your help.


Escape Room


Let’s face it- escape rooms are the hottest trend in team bonding. You are placed in the middle of a real-life mystery, and you have to figure out how to escape before time runs out.

These one hour long games encourage team bonding and creative problem solving, skills that you can bring back to your office.

For an even more memorable experience, try mixing up groups with different departments.

Your employees will get to meet other team members and connect!

Tip - check out Groupon for great deals on escape rooms near you!



Be a Tourist in Your Own City


Every city, town, or middle-of-nowhere place has some sort of claim to fame. Find yours, and take the team for a fun, informative, and probably hilarious outing!

Whether it’s a downtown tour, a museum visit, or a trip to the best local diner, your office will have a blast visiting this “new” place.

Type in your town to TripAdvisor, and find out the #1 Thing to Do in your area, then go do it!




Food is always a great solution for a good time.

Whether you are planning a simple potluck or casual burger session, planning a communal lunch or dinner is a great chance to learn more about your team and have a chance to talk in a relaxed, low-stakes setting.

Try your hardest not to talk about work, and get to know your employees on a more personal level.




If your organization receives funding from a partner organization or works closely with another company in the area, take a trip to see what they do!

Maybe it’s a trip to the warehouse where your product is manufactured, or to the construction site of your new project.

Help your office learn more about the company as a whole, and they are far more likely to engage with your consumers and team about your brand.




Team Development Workshop


Hear us out on this one. Team development seminars and workshops aren’t like they used to be.

Many companies including American Express, Apple, Dreamworks Animation, and others pay team building professionals to come in and perform exercises meant to help encourage collaboration and trust among employees.

Not interested in having someone come into your office? Check out these templates to help you build your own team building day.

No matter what your budget is for team field trips, getting out of the office is a great opportunity to inspire employee engagement in a fun and unique environment.

What has been your favorite office field trip? Let us know in the comments.




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